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Get ready for exciting, full-throttle sports stories in a safe, thrilling, high-interest full-color graphic novel format.

2nd/3rd Grade Readability
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Avalanches tear down mountains. Tsumanis drown towns. Magma flows through homes. Throughout history the world has faced many natural disasters. With engaging text and photos, students will learn about the world’s worst, and some helpful tips needed to survive them

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4th Grade Readability

Now your students can learn the answers to important questions such as where dragons live, what orcs eat, and how gnomes spend their free time! Features an engaging, easy-to-use reference guide format, and also includes fun quizzes to challenge readers on their knowledge.

3rd/4th Grade Readability
For Grades 3–9
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Today’s vehicles are increasingly complex and amazing, but do you know how they are made? This series takes the reader through the process from start to finish. Features engaging photos and accessible text.

1st Grade Readability
For ages 8-14

From dawn to dusk, the School Bus of Horrors rumbles along city streets and down country roads, searching for another passenger. It looks like any other bus, yellow, black markings, and dirty windows. But BEWARE! Step aboard and experience the ride of your life, or the last ride you'll ever take!

1st–3rd Grade Readability
For ages 9–14
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Toxic venom, bone-snapping jaws, record-shattering speed. Animals have mind-blowing weapons and defenses. Learn about the amazing features and adaptations that help animals hunt prey and defend themselves in the wild world of nature. 

1st Grade Readability
For ages 8-14

Whether they are building products in factories, fighting on a battlefield, or competing for a prize, robots are busy every day. With brief text and amazing photos, The World of Robots gives readers a tour of the amazing robots found all around us.

1st Grade Readability
For ages 8-14

This series of 12 reality fiction stories offers a visually engaging approach to hi/lo reading with minimal text and high-impact graphics.

Reading Level 1-2.5
Interest Level 10-14
AR Quizzes available

Designed to motivate struggling readers and young adults, this series features a serious comic book hero and good vs. evil themes.

Reading Level 2-3
Interest Level: 10-14+

This series of hi-lo books is sure to keep reluctant readers wide-eyed until the final page. Each book includes discussion and writing questions, a glossary, and educational back matter.

2nd Grade Readability
Interest Level 10-14


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