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Red Rhino Chapter Books

This series is ideal for struggling readers in grades 4 6 who are in need of age-appropriate subjects at a low reading level. There is a wide variety of genres to choose from, and the characters span a diverse range of backgrounds. They are a good step up from Sound Out Chapter Books in that the type size is slightly smaller and sentence length is short. Illustrations are included on every page spread, which should aid struggling readers and keep them turning the pages!

Body Switch:
Brian Stark is a normal middle school kid. Jamie Hawk is an international pop star sensation. Zap! After taking a selfie, it all changes. Lexile: 100

Clan Castles:
Jake and his best friend, Kyle, have been playing Clan Castles for months. They finally make it past Level 99, but now they are inside the game! Will they ever be able to get out? Lexile: 90

Fight School:
Tommy and his friend Ben are the best at Stars MMA Fight School. They both compete at an MMA competition in the city. When Ben breaks his leg, Tommy has to learn to tune out and focus to win. Lexile: 150

When Eric Peters learns that a once famous World War II pilot needs someone to help him restore a P-51 Mustang stored at the local airstrip, he knows he must go there. Will Eric be able to convince his dad that he's up to the challenge? Lexile: 140

Ghost Mountain:
Luke Lawson decides to make his two lazy boys, Winston and Nelson, go on an outdoor adventure. At first, the boys are grumpy and upset, but as they explore nature, they experience a life-changing event. Lexile: 150

Killer Flood:
Dan and Pete are excited to have a sleepover at Dan's house while their parents are away. Their excitement turns to fear when the dam breaks and a killer flood smashes through town. Lexile: 150

The Lost House:
At the last minute, Tiggs and Jess are asked to clean an old and possibly haunted house. The job will pay exactly what they need. But what they find inside may keep them trapped there forever. Lexile: 170

Austin knows his mountain bike accident was deliberate. Slice made sure Austin would lose. But now it's Slice who's badly hurt. Will Austin get on a bike to save his enemy? Lexile: 170

Sky Watchers:
Dez and Jax are both in the sixth grade. Now they can be Sky Watchers, kids who patrol the sky path to school on their sky bikes and protect their schoolmates. Lexile: Lexile: 180

Standing by Emma:
BFFs Danya and Emma are known around school as Demma. They know each other so well that they finish each others sentences. Danya is plagued with guilt because she believes a car wreck was her fault. For a while, Emma believes it, too. And she can't forgive her friend. Lexile: 160

Stolen Treasure:
The family treasure has caused a rift between sisters. It's the last gift that Isa's grandfather ever gave. Then it is stolen. But why? Isa learns that to keep a valued friendship, sometimes it's better to think of others before yourself. Lexile: 160

The Code:
There's the silent Code that every kid follows. But Chris decides he can't live with himself if he doesn't say something, so he makes a stand and is shocked at the outcome. Mean bully Phil is actually cool. Lexile: 200

The Gift:
Zekes emotions go on a crazy roller coaster ride when he's visited by a mysterious kid that only he can see until he finds out his grandpa can also see the ghost. Lexile: 10

The Soldier:
When Leyla draws, she's in another world, not in this war-ravaged country. But then she sees a woman, an American soldier. And she does something unexpected, then courageous. Lexile: 110

I am Underdog:
Kemba feels like the lamest kid in school. If only he could be cool like the computer game superhero Underdog. Maybe then he could save himself from the biggest bully in the sixth grade. Lexile: 120

Destiny’s Dog
Destiny has wanted a dog for a very long time, but her dad says no every time. Why does he say no? Lexile: 130

Going Viral
Annie and Erin were besties who loved You Tube kid star Cory Mall. Could the girls make a video that would go viral? They wanted to try. Lexile: 100

The New Kid
Paige and Coco are curious about Orion, the new boy in school. Could the boy be from another planet? Lexile: 120

Party of Four:
Ava is ready for a fun summer of helping out at day camp. But she’s not a fan of all the other helpers. Will a new friend help to change her perspective? Lexile: HL150

Spin for Your Life:
Carson is used to being the best at everything. When he gets the hottest new toy, a Cube Spinner, all he can think about is becoming the best spinner in the world. But something about this Cube Spinner is different. Each time Carson uses it, strange things happen. Can Carson put aside being the best in order to keep his friends and family safe? Lexile: HL 160

Sweet Tooth:
Dax loves candy. He eats it every day and posts on a social media site for candy fans. But when he steals a rare piece of candy so he can be the first to try it, he has a very strange reaction. Before long, he finds himself in desperate need of help. Lexile: HL 150

Andrew is the coolest kid at Knight Middle School. He's known for his epic pranks and amazing birthday parties. But when Andrew decides to prank his former best friend, everything goes wrong. His 12th birthday party and his own popularity hang in the balance. Can Andrew find a way to save his party, or will this prank be his last? Lexile: HL170

Self-Driving Nightmare:
Joey and his best friend, Max, love technology. When Joey’s dad comes home with a car that safely drives itself, they are thrilled and amazed. Their friends from school want to take a ride. This leads to a very unexpected adventure. Lexile: HL 190

The Vote:
Rae and Kia are best friends starting sixth grade at a new school. But when they both decide to run for student council, things get complicated. Will this mean the end of their friendship? Lexile: HL 170

Grave Mistake:
Sam and Logan are best friends. But sometimes Logan likes to have fun in ways that Sam doesn’t. When Sam decides to join Logan to explore a graveyard, he later comes to regret his choice. Lexile: HL 130

The Magic Phone:
Liv is someone who is careful with money. She plans, saves up, and purchases a phone she has wanted for ages. All of her dedication and hard work then pay off in ways she never imagined. Lexile: HL 190

Leo promised the toughest kid in school a photo of a real zombie. And he has to deliver. So he sneaks out late at night and finds more than he ever bargained for. Can he save himself and his family from a zombie swarm? Lexile: 110

Zuze and the Star: Zuze is a fan of the great Rufus Roth, a superstar musician from the past. And she is thrilled when her music class gets to go on a time traveling field trip and visit five rock concerts. Lexile: 160

Fish Boy:
Danny's family is full of superheroes. Each has their own gift. Danny is Fish Boy. But in landlocked Arizona, there is not a lot of need for a superhero with amazing water talents. Lexile: 160

Garden Troll:
Jenny does not like her new stepmother. So she makes a wish to the garden troll in the back garden. She wants her stepmom to get in trouble. How can Jenny take back her wish before something really bad happens? Lexile:130

Little Miss Miss:
Tracy decides to enter the Little Miss Miss pageant when she hears the winner will get a free trip to Washington, D.C. Her best friend, Liza, decides to keep her company. Then they meet pageant pro Jordi and her super mean mom. Lexile: 180

Out of Gas:
Trey decides to take his dog for a walk. All of sudden there is a tremendous thud. An alien spaceship has crashed. Trey cannot believe it when two blobs roll off the ship and morph into exact copies of his dog! Lexile: 100

The Hero of Crows Crossing:
Mr. Ridley is an excellent teacher, but questions swirl around him. Why is he here? Where did he come from? And most importantly, why is he digging holes on Shadow Hill? Lexile: 130

Too Many Dogs:
Eva and Carmen want spending money for ice cream at Chill. They want to treat their friends. So the girls come up with a plan to make extra cash over the summer. But they don't realize how hard having a job can be. Lexile: 220

The Cat Whisperer:
Mimi isn't cute, doesn't purr, and hates canned cat food. However, she will stop at nothing to make Jen understand her. Lexile: 190

Home Planet:
Sam's cousin back on Earth can't wait to show him around during summer break! But he's never left the Moon before. Will he be OK? Lexile: 190

The Love Mints:
Maddie and Lori discover a box with a surprise inside-a box of mints that can make a boy fall in love. Should they really use them? Lexile: 190

The Magic Stone:
If your wishes would come true, how would your life be different? Kirby saves a man's life, and gets a wish-granting stone in return. Lexile: 90

Space Trip:
Mr. Flinn's students quarrel all through the space field trip. When a space rock hits their bus, they have to work together to get home. Lexile: 110

Twins David and Ned want to win the Ryan's World contest and have their hero stay with them for a week. How could it not be perfect? Lexile: 170

World's Ugliest Dog:
When Tana finally got her wish, the dog she had hoped for was Storm. He was so great, Tana didn't mind that he was ugly, did she? Lexile: 200

Elly and her friend Kate are on their first trip without their parents, and are sharing the experience on social media. Then the power goes out. What will they do? Lexile: 160

Forever Boy
10-year-old Bruno already had a rough time in four foster homes. Then he found two cool parents. Everything looked good until a stranger showed up. Lexile: 120

Clan Castles 2
Jake and Kyle were sucked into a video game. They escaped, but then they realized the game was now being played in the real world! Lexile: 100

One day, Jan wakes up to a world where everything is different. Jan has to learn to help others in order to help herself. Lexile: 80

The Brothers:
Tyler and his mom and stepdad are fans of Major League Baseball. When the star pitcher on their favorite team signs Tyler’s baseball, Tyler proudly displays it in a case that he keeps on his dresser. Tyler’s stepbrother is not into baseball. And he doesn’t seem to like Tyler either. When the baseball disappears, Tyler knows he didn’t lose it. So who took it? Lexile: 110

One Amazing Summer:
Ana has never been far from her home in California, but now she has a chance to travel to New Orleans with her gran. Along the way, the two see some interesting sights and eat good food. They also have a chance to help search for a missing boy who has set off in search of aliens. Lexile: 140

Please Don't Tell:
Piper would like to get to know the new girl at her school, but the girl isn’t very friendly. She just wants to be left alone. The other kids in their class have given up trying to be the girl’s friend. Piper still wants to give her a chance. Maybe the girl has a reason for acting that way. Piper decides to find out what that reason is. Lexile: 80

Clan Castles 3: Epic Fail
Jake and Kyle have a few new friends to play Clan Castles with. Abby McQuade always has perfect timing. Game creator Erik van Syke is a good person to have on their side. Prince Robo and King Nojra don’t stand a chance. But when Jake and Kyle get in a fight, a strange new update makes the game—and reality—spin out of control. Can Jake and Kyle save their friendship while also saving the world?

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Reading Level

Interest Level

First Grade Readability

Grades 4-6

Subject/Genre: Multi Subjects

Ratings: Lexile: 10-220

Recommended Ages: 9-12

Pages: 70 pp., 5-1/2 x 7-5/8, softcover


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