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by Michael Dahl

A new age of Dragons is about to begin. Around the world young humans are learning about their new and amazing abilities. Every page of this series is decorated with artwork of type embellishments designed to keep reluctant readers engaged.

It Screams at Night
A lonely farmhouse on a deserted dirt road holds a terrible secret. A young boy is held captive by his family. But it's for his own good. They are trying to protect him from a dangerous creature. A creature that screams in the night.
GR: J, Lexile: 470

Claws in the Snow
Will and his mom are caught in a blinding blizzard. A shadow is hiding in the snow. A shadow that roars. Giant claws grip the car. Will wishes his older and stronger brother was with them now.
GR: J, Lexile: 410

Dragon in the Desert
Two teenage friends hike into the deserts of Mongolia. Their destination: the Hills of the Seven Dragons. But they are not along. A third figure walks through the desert, following their footprints.
GR: J, Lexile: 410

Dragon Theft Auto
Sixteen year old Henry travels to a strange city in search of his missing friend. Someone, or something, in the city is stealing cars. Is the missing boy mixed up with the crime? Henry thinks something bigger is behind the thefts. Something with wings.
GR: J, Lexile 450

Stowaway Monster
Eli is a young stowaway on a ship bound for North America. A strange birthmark on his arm, in the shape of a dragon, begins to sting. Then he meets a sailor on the ship with a dragon tattoo. The tattoo, and a weird cargo hidden on the ship, hold the secret to Eli's real identity.
GR: J, Lexile: 400

Terror Beach
The morning after a storm, Rico searches the beach for rare and unusual objects. He doesn't believe his eyes, the sand is covered with dozens of giant eggs. Rico and his friend, Dr. Agon, will soon discover that the eggs are not the key to treasure but a doorway to terror!
GR: J, Lexile: 500

Each book is 5 x 7, 48 pp.

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Reading Level

Interest Level

3rd Grade Readability


Subject/Genre: Graphic Novels

Ratings: Lexile: 400-500 | Guided Reading: J

Recommended Ages: 10-14+

Pages: 48 pp., 5 x 7, softcover

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It Screams at Night



Claws in the Snow



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