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Dragon Eggs Series

Catch-Up Readers

Bella, the dragon, is sheltering in a cave to protect her eggs in a terrible storm. The waves are too strong and her eggs are swept away to sea! Next day, Mina is walking along the beach with her dad and finds something amazing. Will she be able to save the baby dragon eggs and bring them safely home to Bella?

Book 1: ae, includes the spellings: ay, ai, a, a-e, ea, ey
Book 2: ee, includes the spellings: ee, ea, e, y, e-e, ie, ei
Book 3: oe, includes the spellings: ow, oa, o, oe, o-e
Book 4: er, includes the spellings: er, ir, ur, or, ear
Book 5: ow, includes the spellings: ow, ou, and oi with the spellings oy and oi
Book 6: oo, includes the spellings: oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u
Book 7: ie, includes the spellings: igh, ie, i-e, i, y
Book 8: aw, includes the spellings: aw, awe, a, au, al, ough
Book 9: air, includes the spellings: air, are, ear, ere, eir
Book 10: ar

How can readers develop reading fluency with the Dragon Eggs series and workbook?

The Dragon Eggs series comprises ten books, each introducing a number of alternative spellings for a vowel sound. The workbook that complements the series provides some activities that precede and prepare the reader for reading and those that follow the series. The aim is to expose the reader to words in text through multiple opportunities of reading. This repeated practice will help him/her commit the words to long-term memory and develop reading accuracy and speed that will enable reading fluency.

How to use the Dragon Eggs series and workbook

1. Make sure the reader knows the spellings (graphemes) introduced in each book. These are listed on the “Reading Practice” page in the book.

2. Copy the sorting activity in the corresponding chapter in the workbook and ask the student to sort words out according to the spellings introduced in the book.

3. Discuss any new vocabulary words listed on the “Vocabulary” page. For example:

  • Model pronunciation of new words with correct syllable stress
  • Explain words by providing example sentences and asking the student to do the same.
  • Discuss similar words (synonyms) and words with opposite meanings (antonyms).

4. Read the book with the student. If the reader has difficulties, share chapters or pages to relieve the reading strain.

5. Model how to use the punctuation and intonation to read with expression (prosody).

6. After reading the book, the student can do the follow-up comprehension activities in the workbook.

7. Try to get the reader to read the book more than once as research shows that repeated reading of the same text helps to develop reading fluency. This can be done by asking the reader to read the book to another person or to read the book a second time, this time with greater expression.


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Subject/Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Recommended Ages: 6-12

Pages: 16 pp., 5-7/8 x 8-1/4, softcover


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Dragon Eggs Workbook


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