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High Interest Science

Science: Struggles and Surprises Grade 6

Capture middle school student’s attention with this high-interest and engaging 6-book set! Students will be excited to learn about survival skills and discover the "science" behind magic, monsters, and superpowers. The dynamic images and detailed, factual sidebars will engage students in reading as they develop their higher-order thinking skills. Text features include a table of contents, glossary, index, and reader's guide to increase comprehension and keep students connected to the text. Featuring fun and challenging content, these books will keep students reading from cover to cover. Titles in this set include: Struggle for Survival: Water; Struggle for Survival: Shelter; Struggle for Survival: Fire; The Science of Magic; The Science of Monsters; and The Science of Superpowers.

Struggle for Survival: Water
In a doomsday scenario with resources disappearing, would you have what it takes to find water in order to survive? Learn about the biological effects of dehydration, methods to stay hydrated, and other basic survival skills. Lexile: 830, GRL: W

Struggle for Survival: Fire
If the world suddenly went cold and dark, would you have what it takes to survive? Struggle for Survival: Fire examines the importance of fire for survival and discusses important outdoor skills. Lexile: 990, GRL: V

Struggle for Survival: Shelter
When a catastrophic event happens, will you have what it takes to build shelter in order to protect yourself from extreme temperatures? This nonfiction reader examines some of the methods to prevent exposure and other survival aspects when dealing with the harsh elements. Lexile: 880, GRL:W

The Science of Magic
Be astounded with some of these amazing apparitions, ethereal suspensions, daring physical feats, intriguing illusions, legendary levitations, and other ways magicians use science and technology to fool our senses. Lexile: 870, GRL: W

The Science of Monsters
From aliens to zombies, learn about the "science" behind the monsters that continue to frighten and fascinate us. This book examines the scientific aspects of monsters from pop culture, books, and movies such as the Thing, the Blob, the Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, Godzilla, Medusa, Cerberus, werewolves, zombies, and many more. Lexile: 880, GRL: X

The Science of Superpowers
Explore the "science" of Superpowers! This action-packed nonfiction reader examines super villains and heroes, scientists that have gone bad, mighty mutants, and real-life superpower qualities and capabilities found in nature. Lexile: 840, GRL: W

Reading Level

Interest Level

6th Grade Readability

Grades 5-8

Subject/Genre: Science

Ratings: Lexile: 830-990

Recommended Ages: 10-14

Pages: 336 pages, 10 x 13


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Science: Struggles and Surprises Grade 6


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