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Sound Out Chapter Books - Set A-4

The newest addition to the Sound Out Series

by Holly I. Melton

Each book in the Sound Out series is written in chapter format, with stories designed to both appeal to struggling readers and give them practice decoding and reading connected text. Each Sound Out title has 6 short chapters, followed by a list of high-frequency sight words used in that book.

Students with minimal reading skills can read these books from cover to cover. They'll have a successful and enjoyable reading experience, with lots of opportunities to improve their fluency and comprehension.

This new set, Red Hill Farm, is aimed at middle and high school students, as well as adults. Based on events at a real farm sanctuary, these books chronicle the adventures of high school volunteers at Red Hill Farm. There, the teens help feed, care for, and clean up after the rescued farm animals, some of whom have disabilities. The goats, pigs, chickens, and sheep don’t always behave, and the work isn’t glamorous. Still, the young volunteers find satisfaction when they connect with the animals.

The set includes three books at each of two Sound Out levels, using only one-syllable words. The three books at Sound Out Level 1 focus on CVC, final double consonant and -ck endings, and inflectional ending -s (nouns/verbs, voiced/unvoiced). The three books at Sound Out Level 2 cover open-syllable long vowels, CVCe, long vowel pairs (ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, oa), and soft c and g. Controlled vocabulary and repetition support reading progress.

About the Author
Every Friday, Holly Melton goes to Goatlandia, a farm sanctuary where rescued animals live. There, she feeds and takes care of goats, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Every animal has a different rescue story and personality--and every book in the series Red Hill Farm is based on something that really happened at Goatlandia.

The author and her friend Vincent Van Goat


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Reading Level

Interest Level


Grades 2-12

Subject/Genre: Phonics Decodable

Ratings: Lexile: 260-330

Recommended Ages: 7-18+

Pages: 32 pp., 5 x 7”, 20-point type, softcover

ISBN: 978-1-63402-526-3

Publisher:  HNB


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