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The World of Robots

by Kathryn Clay

Whether they are building products in factories, fighting on a battlefield, or competing for a prize, robots are busy every day. With brief text and amazing photos, The World of Robots gives readers a tour of the amazing robots found all around us.

Battling for Victory: The Coolest Robot Competitions
Ready, set, smash! From the Robot Rumble to the RoboGames, robot competitions are more popular than ever. Discover how robots of all shapes and sizes put their abilities to the test in some of the world's most challenging competitions. May the best robot win! Lexile: NC830L, GRL: M, ATOS: 4.7

Humanoid Robots: Running into the Future
From robotic spiders to unmanned planes, robots come in many shapes and sizes. But scientists have long tried to make robots in the most familiar shape of all us! Learn about past and present humanoid robots, and how they might evolve in the future. Lexile: NC760L, GRL: M, ATOS: 4.6

Robots at Your Service: From the Factory to Your House
Did you know that a robot probably helped build your computer or music player? Or that robots sometimes perform delicate surgery? Look inside to learn about helpful robots found in factories, hospitals, and people’s homes. Lexile: NC670L, GRL: M, ATOS: 4.5

Robots in Risky Jobs: On the Battlefield and Beyond
What do disarming bombs and exploring the surface of Mars have in common? These activities are dangerous or impossible for humans. That's why robots do them instead! Discover the risky missions robots perform for us. Lexile: NC770L, GRL: M, ATOS: 4.3

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Reading Level

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Grades 3-9

Subject/Genre: Science

Ratings: Lexile: NC670L-NC830L

Recommended Ages: 8-14

Pages: 32 pp, 7 x 9


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The World of Robots: Set of 4 books


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