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Future Space

Space science meets far-out fun in these accessible, up-to-date volumes, perfect for fans of Star Wars and other science fiction stories. What do partnerships between NASA and private companies mean for future space travel to the Moon and Mars? What can space telescopes and probes tell us about planets and galaxies far, far away?
These high-interest topics also meet standards related to space, science, and engineering practices in the NGSS.

Mars or Bust: Orion and the Mission to Deep Space
NASA's Orion spacecraft is pushing the limits of space travel and exploration like never before. The ultimate goal is a mission to Mars! Learn about the challenges that scientists, engineers, and astronauts must overcome to make this dream a reality. Lexile:870, GRL:T

Moon Base and Beyond: The Lunar Gateway to Deep Space
The moon is more than a giant rock orbiting Earth - it could become a gateway into deeper space! Find out how NASA and other international and commercial agencies are working together to explore and build on the moon. Lexile:900, GRL:T

Planet Hunting: Racking up Data and Looking for Life In the vastness of space, countless planets exist. Scientists are actively studying as many of them as they can. How many could support life as Earth does? And what other wonderful worlds will our technology find? Lexile:790, GRL:U

Probe Power: How Space Probes do what Humans Can't
Probes can explore the depths of space in ways that would kill human beings. The information they provide can spur countless innovations here on Earth. Learn how probes work and the exciting possibilities that their discoveries may inspire. Lexile:860, GRL:U

Selfies from Space: How Satellites help Science on Earth
Satellites may exist out in space, but they let us study Earth from the outside looking in. From climate change to natural disasters and more, find out how scientists are using satellites to tackle some of our world's most challenging problems. Lexile:900, GRL:T

Space Survival: Keeping People Alive in Space
As humans continue to make amazing discoveries in outer space, we also face a unique challenge - living in an environment that we're not meant to live in. Find out how long-term exposure to outer space affects the human body and what scientists are doing to combat it. Lexile:920, GRL:T

Space Incorporated: The Future of Commercial Space Travel
Space isn't just the final frontier-it's big business! From exploration to space vacations, learn how private businesses are transforming the futuTre of space travel and exploration. Lexile:940, GRL:T

Space Telescopes: Instagram of the Stars
Over the last 400 years, telescope technology has come a long way. From dying stars to burping black holes, take a look at the most exciting discoveries in deep space. Lexile:950,GRL:T

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Reading Level

Interest Level

4th Grade Readability

Grades 3-9

Subject/Genre: Space Science

Ratings: Lexile:790-940| GRL:T-U

Recommended Ages: Grades 3-9

Pages: 32 pp., 7x9


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Future Space: Set of 8 titles


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