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Little Sprouts Sets 1-2

Decodable Books for Beginning Readers

by Graeme Wilkinson

Little Sprouts is a collection of engaging decodable books for young beginning readers. With inviting full-color illustrations, they provide beginners with practice in specific phonics skills. The first two sets of 10 books each are offered together so readers can move smoothly through the progression of phonics skills.

The aim of Reading Sprouts is to make a child's first steps into reading as simple as possible in order to build confidence and enjoyment. The first 10 books in this set offer the following decoding skills: one syllable short vowel words (CVC), single consonants, consonant /z/ sound spelled s, initial and final consonant blends, inflectional ending - s. The next 10 books in set offer the additional decoding skill of final double consonants.

The Sprout Helper at the end of each book is designed to help educators guide students. It contains a list of the book’s decodable words and any irregular high-frequency words (sight words). Also included are questions to check students’ literal comprehension of what they have read.

Books are softcover, 20 to 28 pages in length and each book is 8-1/2" x 5-1/2".

Reviews & Comments:

Dear Graeme,
I am so grateful to you for writing the Little Sprouts books and sending me the first four sets. I introduced them to my 5-year old granddaughter a few days ago when I arrived for a holiday visit. She can read them! She loves them! She begs to be able to read the next book every day! Of course at the school they are telling her to guess at words from pictures, memorize "by sight," and read by magic.

You have made the perfect series for beginners who know their short vowels and consonant sounds and are ready to use that knowledge to actually read. The transformation in our little Nell, to her believing that she is a reader after just 8 books in Series 1, is exactly what I wish every child could experience. I feel certain that she is on the path to success now.

I hope all is well with you and that many other families and teachers have discovered these wonderful books!

-Letter to author Graeme Wilkinson from Louisa Moats

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Reading Level

Interest Level


Grades K-1

Subject/Genre: Phonics Decodable

Ratings: Lexile: BR110-160

Recommended Ages: 5-7

ISBN: 9781634025379

Publisher:  HNB


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