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Phonic Books Spin, Read and Spell! Book 1

Reading and spelling games for beginning readers

The games in this workbook are designed to help beginning readers consolidate their reading and spelling through fun, engaging activities. They are introduced in a step-by-step phonic progression, beginning at CVC word reading level, through adjacent consonants (VCC, CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC words) and consonant digraphs sh, ch, th, ck, wh, ng and qu. This workbook covers the simple part of the English Alphabetic Code.

Next, simple, multi-syllable word reading and spelling is introduced.

The final games in this workbook help children to practice spelling words when the common suffixes s, es, ed and ing are added to them.

The games in this workbook are photocopiable and are designed for two players. To play the games, the players will need a spinner (included with workbook), highlighters and colored pens. Most games have two elements: reading and spelling. This will help children understand the link between decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling). Where digraphs are introduced, the teacher can opt for a version in which the digraphs are underlined or a version in which the student needs to identify the digraphs within the words. Teaching points that relate to specific games are explained on the relevant pages. Book 1 is 59 pp.

How to Play the Games

The aim of the game is to get as many as 3 words lined up in a row of the player’s own words. This can be done horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
In the reading games, the players take turns to spin the spinner, read the spelling that the spinner lands on, and read and highlight that word with their highlighter. The next player repeats this with a different colored highlighter.

To score, once all the words in the grid have been used up (highlighted), the players count how many 3-in-a-row’s they have lined up. Players score 3 points for every 3-in-a-row. If the player gets 4-in-a-row, he/she gets 4 points. If the spinner lands on a spelling that has already been used up, he/she misses a turn.

In the spelling games, the players take turns to spin the spinner and read the spelling that the spinner lands on. The player chooses a word from the lists, reads it and writes it in the grid with their colored pen, until the grid is full of words. He/she can cross out the word in the list, as it cannot be used again. If the players run out of words, they miss a turn. The scoring rules are the same as for the reading games.

Spin, Read and Spell! Book 2 Vowel Spellings
Each chapter in this workbook has a phoneme focus. The teacher can decide the level of difficulty suitable for the student. The student may need to begin at 2 alternative spellings or may be able to begin at 4, depending on their pace of learning. Some chapters include more alternatives than others, according to the Alphabetic code. Book 2 is 146 pp.

Included with each book is an acrylic arrow spinner.

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Spin, Read and Spell! Book 1


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Spin, Read and Spell! Book 2 Vowel Spellings


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