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High Interest-Low Level / Reading Level 2

Carter High Senior Year - Set 1

by Eleanor Robins

This series continues where the Carter Chronicles end. Meet new characters at Carter High. Topics are as appealing as ever and pertinent to young adult readers: romance, friendship, sports, exams, work, family. Enticing covers and an accessible reading level ensure that struggling readers can complete each eight-chapter novel.

Be Fair
Dru thinks it is her dad's fault that she can't spend her senior year at her old high school. Troy could be Dru's new boyfriend, but will Dru's quick judgment get in the way of a new friendship? Lexile: 240, GR: Z+

It Does Matter
Laine used to think that it was OK to be a few minutes late. She often put her own needs before others, especially her best friend, Tess. But Laine finds out the hard way that being late does matter. Will she learn to be on time? Lexile: 250, GR: Z+

Just Be Yourself
Starting your senior year at a new school is tough. Harder still when you can't hear some of what is said to you. Rick wanted the Carter High students to like him. He thought if he wore a hearing aid, they wouldn't want to be his friends. Lexile: 310, GR: Z+

The Last Time
Ben relies on others to do things for him. He often sleeps in and sometimes even forgets his homework and textbooks. In the past, his mom has brought them to school. However, Ben's mom quickly decides she will no longer keep Ben out of trouble. Lexile: 270, GR: Z+

One More Chance
When Eve hurts her ankle, Kim is placed on the starting volleyball team. June has to decide whether to help Kim improve her serves or risk losing the season. Can June get past her junior year grudge? Lexile: 300, GR: Z+

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Reading Level

Interest Level

2nd Grade Readability

Young Adult

Subject/Genre: High School/Moral Decisions

Ratings: Lexile: 240-300 | Guided Reading: Z

Recommended Ages: Young Adult

Pages: 48 pp., 5 x 7-3/4, softcover


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