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Walden Lane Set 2

This series features an American family living in the small suburban town of Walden Lane. Each book concentrates on a different theme such as peer pressure, hurt feelings, cheating, and bullying. The stories are geared for younger readers, and focus on real-life issues with which children can identify, but explore them in a fun way, and with no unsettling surprises within the story. Each book is 5,000 words (approx.) and 10 chapters.

Ashley's Test
Ashley is a popular student and participates in many of Walden Lane High School's activities. She works hard and plays hard. After her classmates are busted for cheating, they seek revenge on Ashley. The cheaters think she turned them in. The girl is faced with two hard choices: go to the principal or be kind to the haters. Lexile: HL170

The Bet
Marlon thinks he's a better gamer than his best friend, Steve. He's so sure of it, he makes a bet he can't lose. Steve accepts the challenge with one rule, no secret moves, called . When Marlon finds himself losing, he uses a boost and then lies about it. Will he now lose his best friend over a video game? Lexile: HL190

Halloween is serious business. But Marlon is still too irresponsible to go out on his own, so his big sister has to supervise the night's fun trick-or-treating adventure. Ashley promises to hang back if Marlon and his friend can walk through the graveyard. It is on! But Ashley suddenly disappears and the boys are left to fend for themselves. Lexile: HL180

Missing Money
The eighth graders are going to an amusement park for their class trip. The kids are stoked until the money for the trip is stolen from the school office. Marlon and his crew are furious and disappointed. They decide to take matters into their own hands and find the thief. The kids point fingers, but Marlon learns looks can be deceiving. Lexile: HL180

Shady Neighbors
The new neighbors are instantly suspicious because they come and go at odd hours. Stranger still are the weird noises and bright lights coming from their backyard in the middle of the night. What's going on? Marlon and his buddies set out to investigate and end up in a heap of trouble when they walk through the unlocked front door. Lexile:HL170


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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readability

Grades 4–7

Subject/Genre: Contemporary Family Issues

Ratings: Lexile:140-190

Recommended Ages: 9–13

Pages: 60 pp., 7-5/8x5-1/2


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Walden Lane Set 2: Set of 5 books


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