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Walden Lane Set 1

This series features an American family living in the small suburban town of Walden Lane. Each book concentrates on a different theme such as peer pressure, hurt feelings, cheating, and bullying. The stories are geared for younger readers, and focus on real-life issues with which children can identify, but explore them in a fun way, and with no unsettling surprises within the story. Each book is 5,000 words (approx.) and 10 chapters.

Big Mouth
Marlon has said something without thinking. Again. He is such a bigmouth. But this time he's in trouble. He dissed Kevin Detroit's mother. Who does that? It doesn't matter that Kevin does it first. The guys were just kidding around like they always do. But now the new kid wants to beat Marlon up after school. What can Marlon do? Lexile: HL170

Marlon and Steve are going camping with their dads in the rural mountain town of Dry Oak. To Marlon's disappointment, there is no cell service at the campsite. What will he do without his phone? Lexile: HL140

The New Kid
Marlon Moore is part of Walden Lane Middle Schools buddy program. The popular program helps new kids adapt to the school by pairing them up with a buddy. The buddys job is to help new students by introducing them to friends and showing them around the campus. Marlon takes his job seriously. New kid Robert seems like a cool guy and fits in well with Marlon's crew. But Marlon learns quickly that Robert is a thief. Lexile: HL150

Outdoor Ed Invasion
Eighth graders at Walden Lange Middle School are going to outdoor education camp. Five days in the mountains with their friends. No siblings. No parents. No homework. Sure, it's school. But the kids will be studying nature. Marlon and his friends can't wait. On the way to camp, Marlon streams the news on his phone. He learns that there has been a prison break in a nearby town. But who cares? Arrow Pines is large. Lexile: HL170

Someone has tagged the science building at Walden Lane High School. Ashley Moore is upset. School is supposed to be a safe place, and now she no longer feels safe. Students from the Key Club decide an act of community service is in order. The students organize and repaint the tagged wall during their lunch break and after school. They plan a fundraiser to pay for new glass for the painted windows. Lexile: HL170


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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readability

Grades 4–7

Subject/Genre: Contemporary Family Issues

Ratings: Lexile:140-190

Recommended Ages: 9–13

Pages: 60 pp., 7 5/8x5 1/2


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Walden Lane Set 1: 5 books


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