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Red Rhino Nonfiction Chapter Books

Coming in late March: This Red Rhino set will be available as a new discounted complete set with additional titles.

Engage your most struggling readers in grades 3-8 with Red Rhino Nonfiction! This new series features high-interest topics in every content area. Visually appealing full-color photographs and illustrations, fun facts, and short chapters keep emerging readers focused. Written at a 1.5-1.9 readability level, these books include pre-reading comprehension questions and a 20-word glossary for comprehension support.

Monsters in the Deep
Stories about monsters lurking in our lakes and oceans have been around for thousands of years, but are they true, or can these beasts be scientifically explained? Lexile: 100

Monsters on Land
Is there mounting evidence from eyewitness stories and grainy photographs proving the existence of monsters like Bigfoot or Yeti, or do people see what they want to see? Lexile: 110

Whether large or small, unmanned drones are used in some interesting ways by both the military and private sector, from spying to firefighting to protecting endangered animals. Lexile: 180

Are there white holes in space? Who said space and time are the same? Why do wormholes exist? How fast does light travel? What if you could time travel? Lexile: HL 210

Virtual Reality
What is virtual reality? Can a glove save lives? How can you visit Paris from home? What is 3-D? How could a virtual world be bad? Lexile: HL140

Area 51
There is a United States Air Force base in the Nevada desert once so secret it never appeared on maps and was rumored to house alien spaceships. Lexile: HL120

Learn about the history, potential, and dangers of cloning, from the first cloned salamander to Dolly the sheep and beyond. Lexile: HL50

Fault Lines
Pressure in the three main types of fault lines builds with a deadly force, giving little warning to people when an earthquake strikes--sending shock waves for hundreds of miles, potentially killing thousands with falling debris and creating deadly tsunamis. Lexile: HL150

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world–the pyramids of Gizaremain are relatively intact, but through ancient texts and legends, the other six wonders come to life. Lexile: HL160

Look out! The hackers are getting smarter. Your computer data is not safe. Hacking has dangerous consequences for individuals, corporations, and governments. Lexile: 100

Tuskegee Airmen
World War II was coming. African Americans wanted to fight for their country. They wanted to be pilots, but they had to overcome racism to earn their wings. Lexile: 80

Great Spies of the World
Are spies criminals or heroes? Some spies are greedy because they only want money. Others spy in wartime because they want to help their country. Lexile: 70

Cannibal Animals
There are over 1,500 animals that eat their own kind. They come in all sizes and shapes, from the praying mantis to the polar bear. Lexile: 110

Military Dogs
Not all soldiers walk on two legs. There are dogs in the military. They fight for our country alongside human troops. Protecting troops by sniffing out bombs is a big job. These dogs save lives.
Lexile: 150

Zombie Creatures
Some of the scariest creatures in nature can take over the minds of others. That’s how they get what they want. Their victims are zombie creatures.
Lexile: 190

Tiny Life
From oceans and lakes to people’s bodies, tiny creatures live everywhere. They are too small to see with the eye. Microscopes make it possible to view their world. Take a closer look at what makes these life forms so amazing. Lexile: HL 140

Mysterious Objects
An alien orb bobs in the sea. Blood seems to spew from a waterfall. Rocks move on their own across the desert. Nobody knows where a radio station comes from. These mysteries keep people guessing. Can they be explained? Lexile: HL 130

Gnarly Sports Injuries
Do you play sports? Have you ever been hurt in a game? You haven't had it this bad!

The Science of Movies
How did Edison help movies get started? What was Technicolor? How do 3-D glasses work? Who was Dar Robinson? Has a movie ever amazed you?
Lexile: 90

3D Printing
3D printing has made some fascinating developments in recent years. It has been around since the 1980s, but technology has improved dramatically. Now, 3D printers are used in business, medicine, cooking, fashion, and more.

Bioweapons have been used throughout history. They are made from things in nature and are used to kill. Find out about several common germs and how they have been used as bioweapons.

Comet Catcher
Scientists want to know more about comets. They decide to catch one. A spacecraft travels for ten years to reach the comet. What will scientists learn from the mission?

Little Rock Nine
Nine high school students in Little Rock, Arkansas were at the heart of the battle to integrate schools in the late 1950s. Many places in the south were slow to change, but things got especially heated in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Medal of Honor
American soldiers who show valor in combat can receive the Medal of Honor. This is the top military award in the US. Learn more about several heroes who received this award, from the Civil War to the War in Afghanistan.

Wild Weather
Weather happens every day. Sometimes it is wild. Hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornadoes are just some of the wild weather events in the world that have taken many lives and destroyed cities.

What is NASCAR? Have you ever been to a racetrack? What is the most famous racetrack in the U.S.? Can a car go faster than the speed of sound? What is off-road racing?

Coming in Late March

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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readability

Grades 3-8

Subject/Genre: Multi Subjects

Ratings: Lexile: BR-210

Recommended Ages: 8-14

Pages: 50 pp, 5-1/2 x 7-5/8, softcover


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Coming in Late March


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