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Choices - Set 2

by Eleanor Robins

Characters are faced with tough choices and must decide and react based on their principles. However, choices are complicated and learning to do the right thing is almost never easy. Each novel contains eight chapters with a character map to make each story more accessible, plus follow-up questions to further examine the moral dilemma.

Would Braden betray a friend to get the car that he desperately wants? His father will only help with the payments if Braden gets a part-time job. But the competition for summer jobs is fierce. How far will Braden go to beat the competition? Lexile: 290

Trust Me
Emma would do anything to help her best friend, Jordyn, win debate finals. But there's a problem, Jordyn is set to debate Emma's boyfriend, Darius, from rival Camden High. Emma learns of Camden's strategy while on a date. Is it a matter of trust? Lexile: 330

No Limits
What would you do for your best friend? Jared believes that best friends would do anything for each other. But then Jared asks Gray to lie for him. Gray agrees to help out his best friend until he realizes that there are limits to friendship. Lexile: 310

Pay Back
After finding out that Torie is dating Rae's ex-boyfriend, Chance, Rae decides to date Brad, a boy that Torie really likes, just to make her jealous. Unfortunately, Rae doesn't count on how her feelings for Brad might change. Lexile: 290

No Exceptions
Students who fail to turn in their assignments on time will get a zero. Tyler and Malik had fun all weekend. Now they have to stay up all night to write their papers. Their classmate, Darcie, finished her paper days ago. But now she can't find her paper. Lexile: 310

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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readability

Grades 5-12

Subject/Genre: Life Decisions/Moral Choices

Ratings: Lexile: 290-330

Recommended Ages: 11-18+

Pages: 52 pp., 5 x 7-3/4, softcover


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