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The Fixers

by D.K. Akers

Lena and Shane know about trouble. Lena had a teenage brush with gang life, and Shane got busted for computer hacking. Now they've gone straight. Lena is going to college, and Shane works for a computer company. They give back to their community by helping kids and solving crimes in their city. They are The Fixers. When they see something wrong, they find a way to fix it.

Dawn goes missing after she sees a drug deal on the street. Her mom comes to Lena for help. Lena takes a big risk. How will Shane get her out of this mess?
Lexile: 380

Hit and Run
The cops say Jake hit a boy with his car, then drove away. Shane may be the only person who thinks Jake did not hit that boy. Will he be able to help Jake?
Lexile: 360

Looking for a Home
Lena's little sister needs help. She thinks her friend Liz is about to join a gang. Can Lena get the gang to back off?
Lexile: 400

Shane moves into a new place. He thinks there's something bad going on next door. Shane checks it out on his computer. But will he make the problem bigger? Its a good thing Lena is around!
Lexile: 320

Throwing the Game
Lena's sister has a new crush on Grant Highs big basketball star, Maleek Carson. But why does Maleek start missing easy shots and making mistakes? Shane thinks he knows what the problem is. His computer says he's right.
Lexile: 350

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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readability

Grades 9-12

Subject/Genre: Mystery

Ratings: Lexile: 320-400 | DRP: 41

Recommended Ages: 14 and up

Pages: 48 pp., 5 x 7, 12 pt. type, softcover

ISBN: 9781571285928

Publisher:  HNB


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