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Leveled Texts for Social Studies

These collections of social studies passages are written at four different reading levels to allow all students to read the same material and participate in class activities together. Each book explains lesson plan options, standards alignment, and techniques for differentiation.

Passages in the four history titles are arranged chronologically. Selections in American Biographies and in Symbols, Monuments, and Documents are arranged by topic. Each passage ends with a leveled writing prompt so the student can demonstrate comprehension. All materials are reproducible from the included CDs.

World Cultures Through Time: Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent, More Mesopotamian Empires, Ancient Egypt, Rulers of Egypt, Ancient Greece, Greek City-States, The Mighty Roman Empire, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Early India, Indian Rulers, Ancient China, More Chinese History, African History, Mesoamerican Empires, and The Incredible Incas

Early America: Exploring the New World, Explorers, American Indian Tribes of the East, American Indian Tribes of the Plains, American Indian Tribes of the West, The New England Colonies, The Middle Colonies, The Southern Colonies, Slavery in the New World, Causes of the American Revolution, The Declaration of Independence, The American Revolution, Early Congresses, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights

Expanding & Preserving the Union: The Louisiana Purchase, The Westward Journey of Lewis & Clark, Lewis & Clark Return Home, The War of 1812 Begins, The War of 1812 Ends, The Texas Revolution, The Mexican-American War, American Indians in the 1800s, Pioneer Trails, Indian Wars, Abolitionists and the Underground Railroad, Events Leading Up to the Civil War, The Civil War Begins, The Civil War Ends, and Civil War Leaders

The 20th Century: The Industrial Revolution, Men of the Industrial Revolution, European Immigration, Asian Immigration, World War I: The "Great War," The Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression, World War II in Europe, World War II in the Pacific, World War II Leaders, The Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., The Cold War, Conflicts in the Middle East, and Modern World Leaders

American Biographies: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Daniel Boone, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington Carver, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Jackie Robinson, Csar Chvez, Martin Luther King Jr., and Neil Armstrong

Symbols, Monuments, and Documents: Declaration of Independence, Independence Day, The U.S. Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance, The Bald Eagle and the Great Seal, The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The White House, Patriotic Songs, National Parks, The Statue of Liberty, Presidential Memorials, Mount Rushmore National Monument, World War II Memorials, War Memorials in Washington DC, and September 11th Memorials

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Reading Level

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1st through 7th Grade

Grades 1-8

Subject/Genre: Social Studies

Recommended Ages: Grades 1-8

Pages: 144-152 pp., 8-1/2 x 11, Softcover


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Expanding and Preserving the Union



Early America



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Symbols, Monuments and Documents


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