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High Interest-Low Level / Reading Level 2

Carter High Senior Year - Set 2

by Eleanor Robins

This series continues where the Carter Chronicles end. Meet new characters at Carter High. Topics are as appealing as ever and pertinent to young adult readers: romance, friendship, sports, exams, work, family. Enticing covers and an accessible reading level ensure that struggling readers can complete each eight-chapter novel.

Someone to Count On
Cruz likes to date lots of girls. He dated Ana and Paz, but he really wanted to date Tia. She was the girl who all the boys wanted to ask out. While Rey, Al, and Ana have dates for the spring dance, Cruz discovers that he needs to be someone to count on. Lexile: 230, GR: Z+

Time to Move On
Bel spent spring break caring for her sick aunt. She didn't see her boyfriend, Al, for over a week. Bel couldn't wait to talk to him, but Al never called her. Now spring break is over and Al is avoiding her. Is it time for Bel to move on? Lexile: 320, GR: Z+

A Very Good Year
Clay is starting quarterback for the Carter High football team. He works hard to get what he wants. Clay wants to date Kim. When Clay helps Hank with his passes, he finds out that Kim studies with Hank's sister. It could be the start of a very good year. Lexile: 330, GR: Z+

Worst Year Ever
Everything seemed stacked up against Griff. He had Mr. Reese for science and Coach Mann for P.E. He disappointed both teachers his junior year. Now he had to face them for another year. Even worse, Laine was in one of his classes. If she didn't like him last year, why would she this year? Lexile: 270, GR: Z+

The Wrong Way
Some girls said Marge didn't have to act to play the troublemaker in the senior play. Claire isn't so sure they are wrong, but she is lonely. First, she loses Kirk to Gwen. Then she finds out Gwen wants her part in the play. Marge is always around when she needs someone. Lexile: 290, GR: Z+

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Reading Level

Interest Level

2nd Grade Readability

Young Adult

Subject/Genre: High School/Moral Decisions

Ratings: Lexile: 230-330 | Guided Reading: Z

Recommended Ages: Young Adult

Pages: 48 pp., 5 x 7-3/4, softcover


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