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High Interest-Low Level / Reading Level 1

It's All Animals Level 1

by Lisa Benjamin

This hi-lo series uses fascinating facts about animals to introduce life-science vocabulary and concepts, including traits, inheritance, and the survival value of animal behaviors.

Read-UP! with 3 levels of readability. Each level (set of 5 books) contains a book on a different life science subject so a student can keep reading in one content area if he or she prefers.

It’s All Animals Level 1 (Lexile: 450-480)
It’s All Animals Level 2 (Lexile: 540-560)
It’s All Animals Level 3 (Lexile: 580-650)

Animals That Are Pets
Pets and people: a perfect pair?
Why do we have animals in our homes? You know about dogs and cats. But why might you choose a pig as a pet? How about a snake? The answer is "traits." Learn about traits and why they matter.
Learn all about animals that live with us! Lexile:480

Animals That Build Things
Built by… a chimp?
Did you think only birds built nests? Chimpanzees do, too—and so do crocodiles! Even termites do it! Some animals are amazing builders. All over the world, animals are busy building. Find out what they build, and why.
Explore the cool things built by animals! Lexile:450

Animals That Bug Us
They bite, sting, and suck our blood!
Are bugs out to get us? Mosquitoes suck our blood. Wasps sting! Lice move into our hair and raise their families there! Scorpions strike with poison. Why do they do these things?
Find out why bugs are bugging us! Lexile:480

Animals That Work for Us
Did you think only people worked? Think again!
Every day, lots of animals go to work. Some work in the fields. Some work at airports. Others clean up after wars. A few even work at medical clinics! People depend on animals that work.
Learn all about the jobs they do! Lexile:470

Animals That Have Weird Habits
Why is that animal doing … that?
Crocodiles have lots of teeth. So why don’t they chew their food? Why do some animals hang around outdoor toilets? Are there really animals that eat rocks … and worse? Why do they do those things?
They have their reasons! Lexile:460

Additional Sets in this Series

It's All Animals: Set 2

It's All Animals: Set 3


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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readability


Subject/Genre: Animals

Ratings: Lexile: 450-480

Recommended Ages: 9–14

Pages: 48 pp., 5x7

Publisher:  ATP


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It's All Animals Level 1: Set of 5 books


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