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Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Series Level 1

Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Series Level 1 comprises twelve decodable books. Each book introduces one spelling for a new vowel sound. This series complements any systematic phonics program and can be used in any sequence.

Book 1: ai
Book 2: ee
Book 3: oa
Book 4: ur
Book 5: ea
Book 6: ow
Book 7: oo
Book 8: igh
Book 9: oo
Book 10: aw
Book 11: oi
Book 12: ar

How to use the books in this series

  • Each book contains a list of words the reader may need help with and a list of vocabulary words that are specific to each story.
  • Encourage the student to say the sounds in the words and blend the sounds together, using ‘pure’ sounds (without adding the ‘uh’ sound after consonant sounds).
  • Discuss new vocabulary and talk about the story before reading the book.
  • Encourage the student to read the words on the Reading Practice page before reading the book.
  • Each book may include some words with spellings the reader may not have learned yet. When reading these words, ask the reader to sound out the spelling he/she knows. Provide the sounds not yet learned. If the reader struggles, offer the whole word.
  • Some words may have suffixes added to base words, e.g. -s, -ed and -ing. It is important to teach these explicitly.
  • Ask the student to point to the words as he/she reads.
  • If the reading is labored, reread the sentence after the student has read it to aid comprehension.
  • Discuss the story using the questions at the end of the story.
  • The games at the end of each book consolidate new learning.


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Reading Level

Interest Level

1st Grade Readbility

Ages 5-8

Subject/Genre: Fantasy

Recommended Ages: 5-8

Pages: 12 pp., 5-7/8 x 8-1/4, softcover


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Set of 12 books


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