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DC Comics: The Flash

Presenting stories for struggling readers in grades 3-6 and featuring superhero, The Flash! These full-color chapter books, with original art by DC Comics illustrators, will captivate young readers and give them glowing examples of bravery, loyalty, and true heroism.

The Flash: Wrath of the Weather Wizard
On a hot summer day, the doors of Iron Heights Penitentiary open, and the Weather Wizard walks out a free man. After years in prison, the super-villain takes a deep breath and looks to the heavens. Suddenly, a giant thundercloud erupts on the horizon! Across town, the Flash streaks toward the storm and spots an F5 tornado threatening downtown Central City! The Fastest Man Alive must save the city's residents and identify the cause of the deadly twister. Until he does, the Weather Wizard will remain under a cloud of suspicion.
Lexile:710, GRL:L, ATOS:4.7

The Flash: Trickster's Bubble Trouble
Axel Walker, the crazy Trickster, likes toys and gimmicks. And this time he’s making mischief using things no one can see. Whether it’s oxygen, air pressure, or invisible gas, the Trickster is bubbling over with evil schemes. Only the Flash can outwit the nefarious knave. But soon, Walker traps Flash within a special bubble, a gigantic glass sphere free of friction. Without friction enabling him to move, the Flash’s super-speed doesn’t get him anywhere. And the oxygen inside the bubble is quickly running out!
Lexile:670, GRL:M, ATOS:4

The Flash: Shell Shocker
Barry Allen has his hands full. While deactivating an explosive for the bomb squad, the police scientist receives a call, tipping him off about a robbery across town. Luckily, Barry is secretly the Fastest Man Alive. . . the Flash! In an instant, he zooms out the door, stops the crime, and returns before one second on the time bomb has ticked away. A moment later, the Flash receives another tip, and then another, and another. Soon, the Scarlet Speedster suspects a link between the crimes, but even he'll be shocked when the slow-motion super-villain is finally revealed.
Lexile:670, GRL:L, ATOS:4.4

The Flash: Captain Boomerang's Comeback
After a series of random robberies, the Flash's head is whirling at super-speed. He wants to take down this out-of-sight outlaw, but the confusing clues aren't adding up. For one man, however, each piece is part of a colossal comeback. The super-villain Captain Boomerang is out to seek revenge against the Scarlet Speedster! But the super hero knows “what goes around comes around,” and he’s not about to let this crazy crook spin out of control.
Lexile:700, GRL:M, ATOS:4.8

The Flash: Gorilla Warfare
Robot chimps are attacking Central City! The Flash knows only one villain could create such monkey madness . . . the world's evilest ape, Gorilla Grodd! This super-intelligent super-villain has declared war on humanity. Soon, his robo-monkeys begin destroying other cities around the globe. As the Scarlet Speedster races from one battle to the next, Grodd activates the second part of his plan, a device that will change all humans into obedient monkeys. If the Flash can't stop him, the world’s fastest man might become the Fastest Ape Alive!
Lexile:650L, GRL:L, ATOS:4.2

The Flash: The Attack of Professor Zoom
On a moonless night, downtown Central City suddenly bursts into flames. Dozens of deadly fires threaten homes, businesses, and residents of the metropolis. Luckily, the Fastest Man Alive is close by! The Flash rushes from house to house, saving entire families and their pets. However, instead of being thankful, the rescued victims accuse the Scarlet Speedster of setting the fires in the first place. The Flash knows only one man could imitate his super-speed . . . Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash! The evil super-villain is out to destroy the real Flash's reputation and then destroy the man himself.
Lexile:620, GRL:L, ATOS:4.3

The Flash: Captain Cold's Arctic Eruption
Within hours, a monstrous volcano will destroy a Pacific island and all of its citizens. The Flash has done everything he can, but there's only one way to stop the disaster . . . cool the volcano's magma chamber. Unfortunately, only one man is capable of such a task . . . his archenemy, Captain Cold. The Scarlet Speedster cuts a deal with this frosty felon, and they're off to save the day. But Captain Cold cannot be trusted. While firing his freeze gun into the volcano, this sneaky super-villain sees an opportunity. He'll turn the tropical paradise into his personal tundra.
Lexile:NC720, GRL:L, ATOS:4.5

The Flash: Ice and Flame
Super-villains Heatwave and Captain Cold don’t like the Flash, but they don’t like each other either! They face off in a climate-changing smackdown that could spell disaster for Earth’s ecosystems. The Flash tries to take the foes one-on one, but ends up encased in arctic ice. Unable to move, Flash watches as Heatwave turns up the threat level by melting the frozen seabed . . . a sea full of explosive methane gas!
Llexile:700, GRL:M, ATOS:4.2

PLEASE NOTE: Master of Mirrors is no longer available. This title has been replaced by Gorilla Warfare (DDD-2868).


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Reading Level

Interest Level

3rd Grade Readability

Grades 3-6

Subject/Genre: Adventure

Ratings: Lexile: 570-720

Recommended Ages: 9-12

Pages: 50 pp., 5-1/8x7-1/2, softcover


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Trickster's Bubble Trouble



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Captain Boomerang's Comeback



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The Attack of Professor Zoom



Captain Cold's Arctic Eruption



Ice and Flame


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