4th Grade Readability

Ancient Greek Mysteries

Let the history, legends and myths of ancient Greece capture your students' imagination, from Alexander the Great's conquest of much of the Middle East to the development of Western philosophy, the tradition of the Olympics, the secrets of reading oracles, and the puzzle of the lost city of Atlantis.

From the time of the ancients came a mighty warrior who conquered the known world! Never before or since has there been anyone like this man, Alexander the Great. What was his secret? How did this son of a warlord rise to such power? How was he able to lead a small army of Greeks to victory over the mightiest empire of the world?

Reading Levels: Guided Reading Level: O-P, DRA 36, Spache 4.5, ATOS 5.7, Lexile 870, DRP 54-59

Nearly everyone has heard the story of Atlantis, the mighty civilization that was destroyed by the gods. But who really knows what happened? The mystery told by Plato in ancient times and its more modern versions continues to capture readers' imaginations. Could one of the small islands near modern Greece be the remains of Atlantis? Is there truth behind the legend?

Reading Levels: Guided Reading Level: O-P, DRA 36, Spache 4.5, ATOS 5.7, Lexile 950, DRP 54-59

Greek Thought
How did the ancient people of the small, rocky land of Greece have so much influence on the way we think today? The Greeks set us on the path of questioning nature, truth, and humanity. What made the Greeks such a questioning people? We still benefit from this unsolved mystery, and like the Greeks, we're still asking why.

Reading Levels: Guided Reading Level: O-P, DRA 36, Spache 4.5, ATOS 5.7, Lexile 860, DRP 54-59

All over the world, people love to watch the athletes of the Olympics compete. But just why are there Olympic Games? Why are they so important? The truth is, the modern Olympics are a return to a mysterious, ancient festival. The ancient Olympics were more than just fun and games; they helped shape Greek culture and its contributions to us.

Reading Levels: Guided Reading Level: O-P, DRA 36, Spache 4.5, ATOS 6.5, Lexile 950, DRP 54-59

People have always wanted to know the future. When the ancient Greeks needed to make an important decision they would ask one of their oracles, the priestly advisors who spoke the words of gods. But sometimes it was a mystery what the oracle really meant, and many got it wrong. How the oracles got their answers may be even more mysterious than we think.

Reading Levels: Guided Reading Level: O-P, DRA 36, Spache 4.5, ATOS 6.4, Lexile 910, DRP 54-59

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5th - 6th Grade Readability

Grades 6-12+

Subject/Genre: History/Social Studies

Ratings: Lexile: 860-950 | Guided Reading: O-P

Recommended Ages: 11-18+

Pages: 56-64 pp., 4-1/4 x 7, softcover

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