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Super Science Facts: Life Science Set

From life in the deepest oceans to the mysteries of DNA, the Super Science Facts series is packed with high-interest information for students in grades 5 through 12. Each 48-page book contains no more than 2,000 words per book so as not to overwhelm struggling readers. Each page is supported by colorful images on every page to support comprehension. Also includes content vocabulary defined in context and repeated in a glossary at the back of each book.

The Life Science set includes:

Why do you look like your parents? Why do you have blue eyes when your best friend has brown eyes? Genetics can give you the answers. Genetics explains how traits from parents get passed down to their children. Scientists hope to cure many diseases and make healthier food using genetics. Find out how genetics holds the code to what makes you the way you are. Lexile:660

The Immune System
Germs are everywhere you go! Some can make you very sick or even kill you. Your immune system is always working to stop them. But how does it do that? Learn about all the ways the immune system fights germs to keep you healthy. Lexile:680

High Tech for the Human Body
What if you were born without one hand? What if you lost a leg in a car crash? With today’s high tech, people can get new parts for their bodies. Arms, legs, eyes, noses, ears, and other body parts can all be made to fit your body. Learn about the science behind these high-tech parts for people! Lexile:610

Life at the Extremes
What does it take to live in the hottest places on Earth? What about the coldest, the highest, or the deepest? Some animals live in places where no human could survive. Their bodies can function in these extreme settings. They know how to find food, water, air, or whatever they need. What are some of these creatures, and what do they do to stay alive. Lexile:650

Nature-Based Tech
What can plants and animals teach us about how to make our lives better? For years, people have looked at nature to come up with new products. Learn about some ideas that have improved travel, medicine, and building. The natural world has shown us the way to many useful inventions! Lexile:660

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Subject/Genre: Science

Ratings: Lexile: 610-680

Recommended Ages: 11-18

Pages: 48 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover


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Super Science Facts: Life Science Set


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