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High Noon offers a variety of reading books and instructional resources for those wanting to develop their reading and English language skills.


Rita, B'Shara, Tad, and Cam have a secret... they can turn into wild animals and use their superpowers to save their city from danger!
Play Hard
Ana and Daniel play lots of sports. They always compete with each other, to see who can hit farther, run faster, or blow a bigger bubble!
Secret Spies
Join the Secret Spies as they solve cases at a haunted barn, a corn fair, a drama camp, a campground, and a clown wedding!
Leela and Ben
Leela and Ben are 12-year-old friends and detectives. If there's a mystery to be solved, Leela and Ben-and Ben's dog, Sir-are there!
InfoMag Set A
InfoMAG uses Sound Out levels to make informational text highly accessible for struggling readers.
Shadow Lands: Blackwings
Young Adult Demon-Hunters in the Shadow Lands.
Shadow Lands: Thirst
Lilly and David are Vampires in the Shadow Lands, pretending to be normal high school students.
Shadow Lands: Coven
Jane, Grady, Tamsin, James, and Emily are witches in the Shadow Lands, pretending to be normal high school students.
It's All True!
Content-area nonfiction! Three sets of five books (one at each High Noon reading level) covering science, history, biology, careers, and technology.
Word ID: Assessment Across the Content Areas
Word ID will help you determine if your students have the word identification skills to read multisyllabic words essential for middle school and high school.
Epic Fails
Major events in our history and culture that didn't work out, and what we can learn from them.


Over 100 of our most popular stories are available as ebooks, hear-and-read audio, and Go-Readers, for reading and speech/language development.

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