High Interest / Low Level Chapter Books

High Interest /Low Level (Hi/Lo) books are designed for students who are reading below the reading level for their grade. They contain subjects that are appropriate for their grade and interest level, and emphasize the most common words in English. Eighty percent of all English sentences can be formed from just 200 to 300 words. By increasing exposure to these words, students increase their chances of learning them, and also their ability to read (decode) and comprehend more complex sentences. Because of this, Hi/Lo books can also be appropriate for individuals who are learning English.

Select a reading level to see the full selection of titles for that level.


Reading Level 1

Reading Level 2

Simpler stories with little
or no figurative language

More complex stories and some
use of figurative language


Reading Level 3

Multi-Level Nonfiction

Greater story complexity and
Introduction of figurative expressions

More complex stories and some
use of figurative language



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